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Welcome to the survey kiosks headquarters for customer data collection and feedback.
Survey Kiosks From $2,495

This price includes the following components:
  • A professional survey kiosk solution, including a custom-graphic interface incorporating your logos and color scheme of your agency, company, or organization
  • Up to 5 data fields (name, email, phone, zip, etc)
  • Up to 5 questions (true/false, single select - example: "gender"), multi-select (example: "touch all products you are interested in")
  • Three custom "attraction mode" screens for when the kiosk is not in use
  • Kiosk hardware recommendations (hardware not included)
  • Software installation assistance, and
  • Free upgrades
Survey / Questionairre Kiosks

Optional Custom Software Features

The features listed below are optional, and include additional fees on top of the base price:
  • Internet-hosted results (real-time feedback)
  • 1D or 2D Bar Code Scanning
  • Magnetic Stripe Swipe
  • Additional data fields
  • Additional questions
  • "About Our Company" presentation
  • Custom post-processing database manipulation & reporting
Optional Features

We also create custom survey kiosk / customer feedback
solutions so feel free to email your specs today!

Lone Wolf
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Glenwood Springs, Colorado

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Dave Heyliger

Survey Kiosk / Questionnaire Kiosk Soltuion. Collect Customer Information in a Database. Capture data at your next trade show or event using a Survey Kiosk designed by Rocky Mountain Multimedia. These applications store the captured data in an Access database which will allow you to further analyze or import as you see fit. Features of a Survey Kiosk include: Custom Interface Design Easy-to-Use Navigation & Buttons Unlimited Questions & Screens Text-Based Input via Touch Keyboard Data Stored in Microsoft Access Database Custom Attraction Sequence