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Museum Kiosk Museum Kiosk Details

We have designed and deployed museum kiosks in a wide variety of location and organizations, and each application is a graphically rich solution designed according to our client's colors and specifications.

Unlike other "off the shelf" kiosk solutions, each museum kiosk application must be designed from a spec you provide. [ more ]

Sample applications include:
  • Information
  • Gaming / Trivia (Kids and/or Adults)
  • Video Clip
  • Hall of Fame
  • Memorial
  • Science or Technology

Museum Interactive Kiosk You may optionally add a Data Collection feature, where the data is collected in a single database - even if you have multiple kiosks throughout your exhibit.

You may also optionally choose to include a Touch-to-Print option to dispense brochures, scores, or similar printouts on-demand.

In addition, each museum kiosk solution also includes an Attraction Sequence - which is a series of screens displayed round-robin, that attract visitors to the kiosk when it is not in use.

Finally, we can also assist with finding the right hardware provider to host our software solution (assuming you do not already have your hardware selected).

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Building Directory Kiosks If you're in need of a building directory kiosk for tenants, then look no further than Rocky Mountain Multimedia. Our kiosk software solution can interface with your building directory database, tenant directory for touchscreens, or we can create the building directory database for touchscreens for you. Standard features of this type of touch-screen kiosk directory tenant solution include: Show Floor, Suites, Phone - You Name It Touch-to-Dial Option for Direct Phone Access Search by Any Field in the Database Customized Attraction Sequence Building Directory Kiosk. Mall kiosk wayfinding. Shopping Malls use this kiosk directory for touchscreen tenants.