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Museum Kiosk Pricing

Each museum kiosk application is priced according to the customer's supplied specification.

Email Kiosk Spec To get the ball rolling, consider submitting a very simple spec via email. This "spec" should contain at least the following information:
  • The purpose of the kiosk
  • The Main Menu items
  • The approximate number of screens (total)
  • ...and any other details specific to your project

Flow Chart or Diagram If a picture or graphic would assist with the description of your project, please include it within your email.

We will then examine your project and reply back with all the details - including suggestions to make your project better, plus the final price of the software design and implementation.

We are confident that our pricing will be affordable and reasonable, and the end result spectacular !

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Dave Heyliger

Building Directory Kiosks If you're in need of a building directory kiosk for tenants, then look no further than Rocky Mountain Multimedia. Our kiosk software solution can interface with your building directory database, tenant directory for touchscreens, or we can create the building directory database for touchscreens for you. Standard features of this type of touch-screen kiosk directory tenant solution include: Show Floor, Suites, Phone - You Name It Touch-to-Dial Option for Direct Phone Access Search by Any Field in the Database Customized Attraction Sequence Building Directory Kiosk. Mall kiosk wayfinding. Shopping Malls use this kiosk directory for touchscreen tenants.