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Web Kiosk Design Solutions
Custom Web Based Kiosks with Real-Time Data Collection

Many of our clients are looking for the one-two punch solution: an interactive database driven website that is displayed online - and also on a Public Access Kiosk. Rocky Mountain Multimedia designs these state-of-the-art solutions, providing you not only with real time data display and/or data collection, but also providing you with real-time reporting, statistics, and health of each kiosk.

Features of a Web Kiosk Solution include:
  • An Online Solution - A High Level Dotcom to Your Specifications...
  • One or More Kiosks - In-the-Field Kiosks with an Internet Connection...
  • Secure Kiosk Software - Locked Down OS with Custom Graphics...
  • Back-End Login - Manage, View, Monitor, Create Reports...
  • Support - Enhancements, Backups, Additions, Modifications...

Our custom back-end logins allows you to check the health of each kiosk in the field, monitior activity, plus download or email your collected data in Excel format.

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