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Trade Show Kiosk Trade Show Kiosk Details

Each trade show / product showcase kiosk is a custom, graphically rich application that is designed according to your colors and specifications.

The Main Menu System includes buttons that quickly jump to specified categories within your kiosk application, such as
  • Company Information,
  • Products,
  • Services,
  • User Feedback / Survey Questionairre,
  • Contact Information, etc...
...or any other Main Menu option you might want to include within your trade show kiosk.

Trade Show Person If the optional Data Collection feature is chosen, the data is collected in a single Access database - even if you have multiple kiosks at your booth.

The optional Touch-to-Print feature lets you dispense brochures or product information sheets on-demand, and allows you to track which products or services are the most popular.

In addition, each trade show kiosk includes an Attraction Sequence - which is a series of screens displayed round-robin, that display advertising information about your products and/or services when the kiosk is not in use.

Finally, we can also assist with finding the right hardware provider to host our software solution (assuming you do not already have your hardware selected).

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