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museum kiosk example choose a location on earth

The kiosk provides a scrollable flat-map of earth to allow users to select which portion of the planet they wish to view. The colored buttons on the right allow the user to further define the type of view{s} desired: city, weather, water habitat, distinctive feature, geographical region, and man-earth interaction. These buttons act as "toggle switches" and turn on or off small color-coded dots on the flat map that represent the photographs within the kiosk database. When a flat-map registers a touch, all dots under the 'square of influence' appear as small thumbnails across the bottom of the image kiosk. Each thumbnail is labeled for clarification. By touching any thumbnail, a more detailed view is presented.

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Dave Heyliger

"Kiosk-in-a-Box" is a software application development tool that allows a non-programmer to quickly create fully functional interactive touch screen kiosk applications with drag and drop ease. This kiosk program assumes that the user has {at least a little bit of} exposure on how to generate computer kiosk graphics. All of our kiosk knowledge and expertise has been pre-programmed into this ready-to-go kiosk software development tool. All you need to do is add multimedia kiosk content: videos, sounds, text and graphics! Instantly create high impact Internet and/or local multimedia kiosks without programming yet include a wide variety of professional kiosk features. "Kiosk-in-a-Box" is the fast track, flexible kiosk solution for Schools, Government Agencies, Chamber of Commerce, Trade Shows, Advertisers, Malls - any business or organization that wants to create a multimedia-rich local and/or Internet kiosk application without spending a fortune for kiosk software development.