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Download "Kiosk-in-a-Box" For Free!

You can download "Kiosk-in-a-Box" - no charge - and start building your kiosk application today. If you decide to buy it, simply re-visit the rockmedia web site and pay for it online.

This is the Real Deal - it is the fully functional software! There are some hooks in it that make it so you cannot deploy your kiosk solution until purchase (such as an "Exit to System" button that does not go away until you buy it), but other than that, you should be able to create and test your kiosk application prior to purchase. So go ahead - download way!
Professional Version

Kiosk-in-a-Box Works Best on Win7

Kiosk-in-a-Box Pro and Lite Version Kiosk-in-a-Box Pro & Lite
Version 4.00.07
Kiosk-in-a-Box Documentation Kiosk-in-a-Box Pro & Lite
  • Fully Functional Version
  • Installshield Install
  • Includes 6 Slick Demos
  • Includes Both Pro and Light Versions
  • Microsoft WORD Document
  • Over 120 Pages
  • A "Must Have" Companion
  • Excellent Software Evaluation Tool

Latest Revision Upgrade Kiosk-in-a-Box Pro & Lite
Latest EXE Version
  • For Existing Level 4 Users
  • Latest EXE Only - No InstallShield
  • Assumes KBOX is Already Installed

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Dave Heyliger

"Kiosk-in-a-Box" Kiosk Software "Kiosk-in-a-Box" is a full-blown kiosk software application that lets you create a multitude of kiosk solutions - and without any kiosk programming! Download the kiosk software - and the kiosk documentation - and start creating kiosks today with our field-tested kiosk solution. "Kiosk-in-a-Box" is Great for Creating: Internet/Intranet Kiosks Image Capture Kiosks Shopping Cart Kiosks Photo E-Mail Kiosks Database Kiosks Tourism Kiosks Survey Kiosks ANY Kiosk!