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Human Resource Kiosk Details Sample Human Resource Kiosk

Every Human Resource Hospital kiosk is a custom, graphically rich application that is designed according to your colors and specifications.

Each system is comprised of one or more of the following components:
  • Custom Graphic Design
  • Optional Web Access to Your Web Site
  • Optional Wayfinding (Mapping)
  • Employee Directory w/ Searching
  • Optional Survey / Feedback
  • Literature Distribution (Printouts)
  • Custom Attraction Sequence

...along with any other option you might want to include within your human resource kiosk.

Lone Wolf
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Dave Heyliger

Human Resource Kiosk Solutions. Secure Intranet Human Resource Deployment. If your looking to display HR intranet internet kiosk applications to employees without a computer, look no further than Rocky Mountain Multimedia. By placing one or more self-service touchscreen kiosk terminals thoughout your corporate workspace, you extend the reach of your Intranet HR kiosk application to all employees within the company. Features of the HR interactive touchscreen Kiosk include: Custom kiosk Interface Design kiosk Navigation & Page Control Buttons Secure Intranet kiosk with URL Restrictions Optional kiosk Printout Capability Custom kiosk Attraction Sequence