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EZ Kiosk Details

Making a useful, easy-to-use kiosk is now as simple as creating JPG pictures!

Kiosk-in-a-Box Works Best on Win7
With EZ Kiosk, you can create:
  • Tourism Kiosks
  • Building Directories
  • Product Showcases
  • Trade Show Kiosks
  • Real Estate Kiosks
  • ...and more!
Purchase EZ Kiosk for $199

EZ Kiosk Main Menu   Just Add JPG Images!

EZ Kiosk consists of a series of Menu Buttons, plus a Thumbnail Grid. Both the Menu Buttons and Grid are designed and defined by you. Each Menu Button points to a folder that contains JPG images. When you touch a Main Menu button, all the images within the specific folder show up on the Thumbnail Grid.

Scroll Buttons let visitors scroll through forwards and backwards through the Thumbnail Grid.

EZ Kiosk Detail View   Zoom In on the Details

When a visitor touches a Thumbnail image a "Detail View" JPG image is displayed. This image which is designed by you can contain additional details, maps, coupons, or whatever information you desire.

Visitors can go back and forth through your Detail Views using the Scroll Buttons, and/or may optionally print the JPG, or a pre-designed brochure that was created by you.

EZ Kiosk Keyboard and Search   Optional Search Feature

If you include the optional search feature, visitors can perform a search using the touch-type keyboard. EZ Kiosk will then display all matches on the Thumbnail Grid!

Searches are based off of the filename of the JPG images.

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"Kiosk-in-a-Box" Kiosk Software "Kiosk-in-a-Box" is a full-blown kiosk software application that lets you create a multitude of kiosk solutions - and without any kiosk programming! Download the kiosk software - and the kiosk documentation - and start creating kiosks today with our field-tested kiosk solution. "Kiosk-in-a-Box" is Great for Creating: Internet/Intranet Kiosks Image Capture Kiosks Shopping Cart Kiosks Photo E-Mail Kiosks Database Kiosks Tourism Kiosks Survey Kiosks ANY Kiosk!